Israeli Pre Army Academies (Mechinot) are not Boot Camps!

Israeli Pre-Military Academies are not Boot-Camps.

In contrast to rigid environments such as bootcamp, where one meets strict demands and is under pressure, the Mechina is a relaxed yet structured environment.   The educational philosophy driving Mechinat Keshet Yehuda is that true development and growth require the desire to change.  This desire must originate from within the individual.  Forced change disappears once the enforcing environment is gone.

Mechinat Keshet Yehuda provides an environment for personal growth, but does not force it.  Of course there are ground rules, however the main factor in the growth of the Mechina student is his desire to take advantage of the fertile environment and advance change.  Those who take responsibility for their development upon their own shoulders see rapid change and create a new approach to life.

The student who is suitable for Mechina is one who is goal oriented and responsible.

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