How to Join the IDF for Religious Jewish Men ages 18-21

DO YOU WANT to Grow in Torah, Learn Hebrew, and Prepare for the IDF?

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Grow in Torah, Serve YOUR Nation, Make a Difference...

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Get Ready to Serve by Learning Torah and IDF Preparation Training

Be Trained in Leadership and Team Work

Become Mature Mentally and get Physically Fit for IDF Service and Life

Learn Hebrew or Improve it

Then Keshet is the place for you...

ONLY 15 Young men are accepted each year to the Keshet Yehuda Pre-IDF Yeshiva for English Speakers...
Will You Be One of Them?


Keshet Yehuda Pre-IDF Yeshiva is an Israeli Pre-IDF Academy popularly known as the "Mechina".

We keep the ratio of English speakers to Hebrew speakers low, so you will learn and improve your Hebrew!

Also, by having a smaller group, you will get the attention you need to succeed in the program.

Plus, by living with Israelis, you will become more mature and motivated to do your best.

Our main secret is no secret at all... Torah is the key to success in life!

Avoid the Mistake of Thinking - I need to be a "Rambo" to get into a great unit.

It's not about how great of a shape you are in, or how tough you think you are. It's all about how mentally fit you are.

With serious Torah learning combined with physical training, you will no doubt be at the top of your game,

This is why our guys do so well in the IDF.

Here's what some top leaders in Israel have to say about the Keshet boys:

What leaders of Israel are saying about Keshet:

Mechinat Keshet Yehuda is one of the most outstanding Mechinot in Israel...

"Mechinat Keshet Yehuda is one of the most outstanding Mechinot in Israel and excels in training a cadre of combat soldiers, commanders, officers and regular soldiers that combine the Book and the Sword” 

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau  //  Former Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel

Everything they do is for the good of the State of Israel...

“We see the graduates of the academy in every combat unit, in all the elite army, navy and air force units and in command positions. Everything they do is for the good of the State of Israel.”

General Tal Russo  //  Former Chief of Southern Command, IDF

Young men that come to Keshet are looking for a fulfilling and meaningful program.

They want to make a difference for the Jewish Nation and themselves.

They want to grow.

Grow in Torah, Serve YOUR Nation, Make a Difference...


"It is all because of Keshet, and I’ve never been happier...."

"Keshet was the start of my new life. It’s a place you can come to and start the next chapter of your life and be who you want to be. Everything we do here is amazing and you learn how to become an adult. If you were to tell me where I would be today, I would probably laugh at you. It is all because of Keshet and I’ve never been happier.

Alan Kraim

Current Keshet Student

"Everything they do is for the good of the State of Israel." 

 ~ GENERAL TAL RUSSO // Former Chief of Southern Command, IDF

In case you want to know...What's the difference between and Pre-IDF Yeshiva and an American Yeshiva in Israel?

In A Pre-IDF Yeshiva, We don't just learn Torah, we live Torah... Torat Eretz Yisrael.

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